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Merle Hoffman and her daughter, Sasha, on vacation; The New York Times, Aug. 5, 2016
Merle Hoffman featured in NY Times Family Story
At 58, Ms. Hoffman adopted a 31/2-year-old girl from Russia. Friends greeted her with everything from shock to rage. “Some
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Merle Hoffman 108 minutes
108 Minutes With Merle Hoffman
“I don’t have a problem saying the word ­abortion,” says Merle Hoffman, the ­reproductive-rights activist who describes herself as the
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Merle Hoffman would wield a wire hanger at protests, to help get her point across. (Courtesy Merle Hoffman)
Outside Choices with Escorts and Protestors
“Our protesters are fairly steady here,” Stella tells me, “it’s the same couple of churches that come out and target
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Merle Hoffman, Abortion provider predicts ‘free states’ and ‘slave states’ if Obama loses
Hoffman predicts ‘free states’ and ‘slave states’
“The founder and owner of one of the first and largest abortion clinics in the United States, Merle Hoffman, held
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Merle Hoffman raises her trademark hanger outside St Patricks Cathedral in New York in 1989. Photograph: Courtesy of Merle Hoffman
This is about every woman, it affects all of us
“Merle Hoffman, who opened a clinic providing abortions before they became legal across America, talks about her career as a
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Merle Hoffman wrote the book she will speak about on Saturday for her adopted daughter, Sasha, so that she knows the triumphs and tragedies her mother faced to protect the reproductive rights of women.
Rights Activist to Speak in East Hampton
“In an interview with The East Hampton Star, Ms. Hoffman enumerated the “guerilla and frontal attacks against legal abortion” that
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Merle Hoffman tells Salon that pro-choicers have their own inaction to blame if reproductive rights are curtailed
Abortion pioneer: Defend rights or lose them
Merle Hoffman tells Salon that pro-choicers have their own inaction to blame if reproductive rights are curtailed.
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Merle Hoffman with Liz Abzug
Hoffman receives 2015 “Bella” Award
"I always thought of Bella when I found myself speaking to crowds and exhorting and inspiring them to fight against
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Merle Hoffman holds up one of her favorite protest props.
Abortion Without the Clinic
A groundbreaking new experiment is launching allowing women to obtain abortion-inducing drugs through the mail.
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