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An Amazing Update from Moscow

Merle received an email update from Karyn G. Gershon, the Executive Director of Project Kesher about a groundbreaking event in Moscow as Dr. Shari Lusskin presented a lecture entitled “Improving the Treatment of Perinatal Depression: Pharmacotherapy in Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women” as a direct result of a joint project between Merle and Project Kesher.

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As U.S. restrictions tighten, women seeking abortions hit the road

Nearly a half century ago, women with unwanted pregnancies would cross state lines seeking abortions that were legal in New York but banned in many other states across the country. Now new restrictions on abortion access are forcing women in several states to take similar measures and travel far from home to end pregnancies, health-care providers and supporters said. “We’ve had patients from Texas, from Georgia. We’ve had a patient from Alabama,” said Merle Hoffman, who runs Choices Women’s Medical Center, which provides abortions, in New York City.

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Merle Hoffman featured in Veteran Feminists of America (VFA) Pioneer Histories Project

Merle Hoffman is featured In the VFA Pioneer Histories Project, Second Wave activists, sharing her personal history of fighting for women’s health for decades, and the development of the Philosophy of Patient Power.

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New York abortion law: Why are so many people talking about it?

On the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade, NY signed a new abortion rights bill that Merle Hoffman finds “overdue”.

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Merle Hoffman Endorses Pro-Choice Rory Lancman for Queens District Attorney

Choices would like to share an article from the NY Daily News featuring Merle Hoffman speaking about why she endorses Rory Lancman for Queens District Attorney.

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Merle Hoffman: Courage In The Face Of Hate

Queens Tribune April 12, 2018: Top News BY TRONE DOWD   Activist and journalist Merle Hoffman had been instrumental in the fight for women’s healthcare and reproductive rights long before the conversation was being had on a national scale. For more than 40 years, Hoffman has found various means and made tremendous sacrifices to ensure […]

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